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WTF Does the Dept. of Defense Defend?

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Remington Write
3 min readMar 25, 2022


Our daddies, you know those guys in Washington DC who go to bed safe every night and have really awesome health care coverage (yeah, them), recently decided that we are done with this tiresome pandemic thing so they pulled $15.6 billion in Covid-19 relief and popped that and another honking big pile of our tax money over to the U.S. military.

Ready for this? You’re scraping by and hoping not to get the virus while the military just got handed $782 BILLION (I don’t even know how many zeroes that has).

Maybe some people feel more secure and righteous knowing that.

I feel sick.

And confused.

What exactly is our bloated, over-funded Department of Defense defending?

A greedy, short-sighted, violent country that allows its citizens to die by the hundreds of thousands from easily preventable conditions (how’s the water, Flint?)? A country that pits its citizens against each other to the benefit of billionaires who profit from disaster and discord? A country that has lost every bit of international goodwill and public credibility over the course of the past eighty years? A country that takes our taxes and uses the money we earn to arm anyone anywhere it feels will advance its interests?

Oh, yeah, baby. All that and more.

Europe having barely cleaned up the carnage of two world wars must be shaking its collective head and stocking up on canned food.

I live in a spoiled adolescent country that still thinks it can pull strings all over the globe and get its way. And to that end, it bleeds its citizenry dry to keep the war machine splattering along. Not having experienced the real horrors of war on their own front porch, our so-called leaders are happy to keep siphoning off our earnings to maintain what they consider their rightful place as Bosses of The World.

Do they still force the kids to recite The Pledge of Allegiance in school?

I never understood a single word of the crap growing up and just parroted along with all the other future consumers, tax-payers, and soldiers. One nation….under God? Are you kidding me? Does this God of America condone the killing and theft that is…