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When AI Takes Over the World

Considered this my Mea Culpa

Remington Write
4 min readDec 11, 2022


Having signed multiple non-disclosure agreements signed in blood (kidding…sort of), you’ll understand that I can’t reveal much about what I’ve been doing to pick up extra grocery money these days (my earnings here clearly need a boost). Suffice to say, I am a tech tester. If I told you any more than that I’d have to kill you.

(Kidding…sort of)

Sure, I’d heard the hubbub about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I don’t live under a rock. But until I started this most recent cycle of testing, I wasn’t aware of how prevalent the use of AI is across a stunning range of applications.

AI may not be running the world yet, but the machines are learning. They’re learning to develop new medicines, streamline supply chains, create diagnostic plans in hospitals, make investment decisions, develop innovative marketing strategies, and drive cars without wrecking them… most of the time.

AI even determines how many sets of eyes find your writing.

It gets worse.

Word around the tea parlor is that by next November AI will be spewing Pulitzer-ready novels while simultaneously calculating distances between galaxies and refining Aunt Loretta’s infamous holiday plum pudding recipe.