When 2000 Seemed Impossibly Far Away

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Future Perfect: The Class Struggle Of “Jonah Who Will Be 25 In The Year 2000” — Newcity Film

If there is one clear message in the 1975’s “For Jonah who will be 25 in the Year 2000” it’s that there are no utopias in this world, not even Switzerland in the last quarter of the 20th century.

But there were (and I hope are) still people who rail against the system and even try to make a dent in it. The characters in this movie strike at the system in different ways with varying degrees of failure but none have completely resigned themselves to the steamroller of capitalism.

The filmmaker, Alain Tanner, referred to his characters as “metaphors on two legs” and “eight little prophets” but they are remarkably rounded out humans as well. The movie makes no concessions to traditional narrative tropes and intersperses the action with odd little black and white digressions that shock and delight (the overweight banker greedily gobbling his lunch from the belly of a naked woman stretched out on his desk comes to mind).

In “Jonah Who Will be 25 in the Year 2000” no one does what they’re supposed to do and several defiantly do what they’re not supposed to.

Sound familiar? If not you need to find new friends.

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