What’s a Guy Gotta Do…

To get a damned ham sandwich and a beer around here?

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You believe everything I tell you, don’t you? Good. Go get me a sandwich; I’m working here.

Kids. Kids and women. They never get it, but then they don’t have to. They got it easy. Even now when women are pissing and moaning about not being able to “have it all”. Who’s ever had it all?

What’s this? Peanut butter and jelly? What, am I one of you kids here? Where’s the ham and cheese I asked your mother to get from the deli? Well, tell her to go and get some more. I don’t want this shit; I want some food. Milly! Milly? What’s with the peanut butter and jelly?

She tries. I know she does. And isn’t she lucky that she lives in a world where trying counts? Not in my world it doesn’t; not by a long shot. If this presentation isn’t right on the money, if that new client walks out on Monday without signing a contract, no one is going to be giving me credit for trying. Man, who pulled these numbers? These just won’t fly like this. Here, let me see what was happening over in Legal six months ago around this.

No! Get out of here. I told you I’m working, dammit. Milly! Would you please keep these kids OUT of here? Milly? Oh great, so she goes off to the store and leaves you all here. Well, get out of here. I don’t care who switched the channels on the TV. Go outside and play; it’s nice out. You’re all turning into little fatsos sitting on the couch all day. Go on! Get out of here!

Ok, let’s see what we got here. Jesus, do I have to do everything? When Murphy was pulling the numbers, man, now there’s a guy who knew what he was doing. Nothing’s been right since he retired. These new guys; I don’t know. Sometimes I wish I was still back out in the field; it was easier then. All I had to worry about was Milly bitching about having to do everything around here on her own and her being lonely and shit.

How about a beer to go with the sandwich? What? Now what are you all in a twist about? Thank you? I should thank you for going and getting the stuff I asked you to have on hand for me to eat? How about you thanking me for giving up my Saturday to get this new account and maybe, oh I don’t know, keeping up the payments on your car? Huh? Forget it. I’ll get my own beer. And, look, would you keep the goddamned kids out of here when I’m working?

Let’s see. Yeah, here we go. OK, right, I see where they were going with this set. Yeah, this’ll work. Oh, now this is good. This is really good, actually. No one’s gonna walk out on this. Who compiled these reports, I wonder. Jackson? Really? Hmmmm, that’s kind of surprising, the way he hangs out all day, chatting up the girls in the front.

Thanks, baby. And thanks for getting the right kind this time. Yeah, I’ll only be another hour or so. What? Yeah, all right, I’ll drive ’em out to the park. You go on ahead and help your mother.

So much for getting out to the links for a quick eight today. What’s a guy supposed to do? At least it looks like this proposal will be a go tomorrow. Milly’s just gonna have to be OK with me being late again tomorrow night, though. After this, I deserve a little extra something. I’ll check in with Angie later, not from home.

Ok, let’s finish this baby up!

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