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Having Rose Troche (“Bedrooms and Hallways”) associated with this movie meant it was a must-see. She produced it but filmmaker, Stacie Passon, has done a superb job opening up the frayed lines of a very specific type of mid-life crisis.

It all starts when Abby gets conked on the head by her son’s badly thrown football in the first scene. At the ER we learn that the worried woman with Abby is her wife, Kate. They share a picture perfect suburban life in Connecticut with their two kids, an SUV, and a perfectly decorated house. But that whap upside Abby’s head seems to have cracked opened some unacknowledged wells of desire.

She’s an interior designer renovating a small loft apartment in Manhattan that slowly morphs into a place for afternoon trysts. But not what you’re thinking. First Abby tries an afternoon with a traditional professional, the kind who men hire, but finds it wanting. This is where she takes it to the next level and becomes what has to be something of a unicorn: a lesbian call girl.

Suspend your disbelief and watch as Abby slowly finds her footing by sounding out her very diverse clients as to what they want. She is by turns patient or demanding, whatever the situations calls for. Director Passon and actor, Robin Weigert, as Abby have done an amazing job bringing women’s desires to the forefront of a beautifully realized film.

Then they tossed all that wonderful juju under the bus with a soap opera turn and a pat ending. It’s a disappointment but Passon has broken ground and other filmmakers have a way forward when exploring the desires and complexities of women protagonists.

What women want.

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