What a great move on your part and a great running down of the why’s and what-to-do’s. I say this sitting at my 9 to 5 desk having just made it to the relative security of a good salaried position at a medical college with fumes in the tank.

You’re absolutely right: there is no security. A beloved mentor once told me that there’s always enough money and there’s never enough money. She was right.

After 4 years of freelance writing for a series of unstable, dishonest, downright nasty bosses, landing here is giving me a much needed breather and the chance to build up the nest egg for the next go at it.

And, yes, I hope the day does come when I quit the day job and do my real work.

Mazel tov!

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Writing because I can’t not write. Twitter: @RemingtonWrite or Email me at: Remington.Write@gmail.com https://remingtonwrite.blogspot.com/

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