The Obituaries of January*

Professor James Reilly…… November 22, 1954 — January 17, 2020

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Photo Credit — West Mason Community College

Dr. Evan Phillips, the president of West Mason Community College, sadly announced the death of Professor James Reilly, long-time professor of literature at the college, this morning.

Professor Reilly was found unresponsive early this morning by his housekeeper who immediately called 911. First responders were unable to resuscitate the professor and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death has not been determined.

While Professor Reilly was a popular figure on campus, little has ever been known about his background. He came to teach modern and post-modern English literature at West Mason in the late 1970s and his courses quickly became popular due to his wit and way of engaging the entire class in lively discussions. Professor Reilly was twice awarded top honors for his teaching and has been recognized nationally for his three best-selling books on post-modern literature in the United States.

It is known that he came to West Mason from the Detroit, Michigan area and he had visited there very occasionally. It is thought that he might have a sister in that area and efforts are being made to locate her or any other family.

In the meantime, Dr. Phillips and other college officials will see to funeral arrangements. Further details will be announced on campus and in this newspaper.

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