The Little Mermaid

Collaborating Women Part V

Another in the ongoing series, Collaborating Women, featuring the watercolor nudes of acclaimed painter, Emily Stedman, and narrative elements contributed by Remington Write. This series of nudes was exhibited at Noho/M55 in January 2015.

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Is it the wondering that undoes her, leaves her dissatisfied with all the treasures and delights around her in the seven seas?

To sing with the purest and sweetest of voices should be enough. No? To live a hundred years three times over. To keep company with dolphins and flash one’s lithe, strong fins to zip just below the ocean’s surface.

She will give up her sweetest gift, her voice, her song, her self to gain legs and to vie for the love of her Prince. To mutely dance in a searing agony with every step all to capture his gaze and his love must be enough. So much depends on that love, more than any mermaid had ever reached for in all the vast and ancient ocean. And she feels his gaze, his delight and she whirls in an ecstasy of certainty that here is the love of her Prince.

But love is slippery and fickle. Her Prince delights in her beauty and grace, he feels great joy in watching the curious, little mute turn mere space into a flashing brilliance and is mesmerized by her. Ah, but love is now what he feels when a real Princess arrives and his gaze leaves the woman who has given up everything to capture his love. Returning to the ocean, she denies herself the one last chance to have that place in heaven when she drops the murderous knife and leaves the Prince to sleep peacefully with his new bride.

Dissolving into the seafoam and sun, the lancing pain of those long, bewitching legs vanishes. And in one pure lightning moment the mermaid regains herself.

Yes, her immortal soul will rise to that eternal place in the heavens free of the binding need for a love that was never hers.

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Writing because I can’t not write. Twitter: @RemingtonWrite or Email me at:

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