The Anomalous Duo Does New York

On the cheap

Remington Write
4 min readJun 2


Photo Credit — AleXander Hirka / Used with permission / Bryant Park before the opera

Vacation Day One

Three years ago at this time we — The Anomalous Duo — were just arriving in Portugal for four days after having started our adventure a week before in Barcelona. For a couple of working stiffs with limited resources, we have managed to do some interesting traveling in our 12 years together. We’ve been to Iceland, in addition to this little jaunt from sea to ocean across the Iberian Peninsula. Then there were eight forays out to The Thing in the Desert.

We were able to make it back out to Burning Man in 2022 only because we had already saved the money and then left it untouched throughout the pandemic.

Since then, however, our urge to travel has been tempered by the financial realities of living on one part-time job and one Social Insecurity check each month.

So we’re making a virtue of necessity and vacationing in a city that millions of people around the world save up their money to visit each year.

New York City.

True, we have several advantages over the Average Tourist as we start our month-long vacation in The Greatest City in the World (actually, it’s currently Second Greatest. Go figure). For one, we won’t have to rely on Air BnB or bankrupt ourselves to find accommodations. We’ve got a decently located one-bedroom apartment as our base of operations.

While we’ll be treating ourselves to certain indulgences, this is going to be a vacation on the cheap and it’s also going to be a working vacation.

Day One (relax, this will not be a day-to-day rundown)

Photo Credit — Remington Write / 7th Avenue near Times Square

There are many fascinating cultural goodies to be experienced for little or no money in this city and today we scored.