The Immigrant

Collaborating Women Part VII

Another in the ongoing series, Collaborating Women, featuring the watercolor nudes of acclaimed painter, Emily Stedman, and narrative elements contributed by Remington Write. This series of nudes was exhibited at Noho/M55 in January 2015.

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Looking up the long avenues here, trapped by the crushing roar of the city, I long for the canyons where my brothers and I ran, playing and wrestling like puppies.

I don’t belong here.

There is no reason for me to be here except for the work. I’m up at first light and already the trains are packed full of people who do have a place here. I see them but they do not see me. I do nothing but work and fall into bed exhausted every night to wonder what my children are doing.

All this to send a small wad of cash back to my wife who I fear is becoming a bent, broken animal used by the same vast machine that has exiled me; sent me north into weary seasons of labor and loneliness.

Yet, this has to be the right move.

I can’t doubt that. And I can do this. I can make a better way for Jimena and the kids; to save them from the endless grinding cycle of poverty, disease, and war back in my country.

But every day I feel as if my feet aren’t touching bottom; I am pulled along on strange currents struggling to keep my head and not panic. I live only for the future, a future when my children go to good schools and my Jimena has a proper home again.

These streets are my rivers now and I will learn to navigate these harsh canyons which, in spite of appearances, offer some hard won hope.

More hope here than there, anyway.

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