Collaborating Women Part VIII

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Watercolor by Emily Stedman


The gentle uplift of butterflies wings.


Saturated sun warms all to the core for the first time in lifetimes while everyone, every thing in every direction pulls in the still unfamiliar air that tastes of life.

Again, movement.

Again ease of being, shared up and down the continuum from the hatchlings straining for a glimpse outside the nest to the palest green nodding leaves that top each tree to hair on the nape of a slender neck.

Limbs unencumbered and free. An ancient icy claim is denied once more and surrenders to the inexorable waves of swooning rebirth.

What was and what lies ahead are irrelevant.

We open to now and trust our vulnerable selves to sun, life, warmth, hope.

This is the promise fulfilled and it is eternal.

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Writing because I can’t not write. Twitter: @RemingtonWrite or Email me at: Remington.Write@gmail.com https://remingtonwrite.blogspot.com/

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