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Shouldn’t They Have Said Something?

Psychics on every corner and not one word of warning?

Remington Write
3 min readSep 18, 2021


You can’t swing a drunken cat in this town and not hit a psychic. Their signs are everywhere. There’s even a you-gotta-know-it’s-there restaurant tucked behind a psychic’s storefront on Hudson Avenue and even they didn’t bother clueing us in back in November 2019 when it would have been really helpful.

What Valley, Sunshine? Your shop is in Hell’s Kitchen! But check out Cher with her Facetime Readings.

So what exactly is it that these professionals are offering their prospective clients with their $10 specials? So the best we can hope for is just some lame chakra realignment? Aura Cleansing? Soulmate reuniting? Do we have to misplace them first and how does that work?

Crystal Energy could use the services of an editor for the “walk in’s”

And take that drunken cat to just about any other town, give it a swing, and BAM, what do you hit? More psychics! It’s just bizarre that they really are everywhere and yet has anyone heard even one of them tugging a nearby coat about the events of the past 18 months or so? What gives?