Red Zinger

Collaborating Women Part IV

Another in the ongoing series, Collaborating Women, featuring the watercolor nudes of acclaimed painter, Emily Stedman, and narrative elements contributed by Remington Write. This series of nudes was exhibited at Noho/M55 in January 2015.

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Red Zinger — Watercolor by

Once on a long, easy, hot summer day three old friends sat on the veranda together. They have shared so much, are so comfortable together that they can be skin to skin without eros or embarrassment.

Taking turns massaging each others’ feet, they ramble on about the heat, the sea, the smell of incense and how time disappears when they get together.

One begins to laugh; then it gets ridiculous with all three doubled over and gasping. Here is the magic that will defy a stubborn inner voice that tries to insist that this day was just a trick of the hungry soul.

And in the fog of some miserable future day, each friend will confidently hold their bit of magic and know that it doesn’t matter if this day was real or a pretend memory.

This is how we hold each other up through life’s lies and storms: with memories of languid foot massages, laughter and red zinger tea.

© Remington Write 2019. All Rights Reserved

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Writing because I can’t not write. Twitter: @RemingtonWrite or Email me at:

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