Lincoln Square Multiplex Cinema boarded up last year / Photo credit — Remington Write

One April, Twenty Twenty-One

We are going to the movies!

Remington Write
2 min readApr 1, 2021

I bought tickets for us to go to the movies next Tuesday. Not at this place, Lincoln Square shows blockbusters and major Hollywood products. And, yes, we’re cinema snobs.

This is the start of a slap-dash daily writing exercise for the month of April. Ev has made it clear that he’s not going to be one of those chumps who actually hires committed professionals and then pays them a decent salary with benefits. He’s no dummy. He’s got all us eager beavers ready to fill his site with…crap. I’ve put in 16 months of serious work here and have reaped some sweet harvest in terms of great connections with other eager beavers. I’ve also picked up a bit of lunch money. Thanks, Ev.

Time to write crap! And continue having fun.

What am I going to write every day? I don’t have a clue. I’ll probably at least make a beginning on some lame-ass short stories. Writing crap means I don’t have to finish anything if I don’t feel like it. Starting with a photo is always promising. Oh, and I’ll be self-publishing. It would be rude to dump all this into a publication.

My last daily writing project involved inventing a fictional obituary each day in January 2020, just as our friend the virus was ramping up in Asia. Not great timing but it was a fantastic way to exercise my flabby writing muscles. So this time, in memory of all the talented and dedicated editors who got kicked to the curb here recently, I’m writing whatever floats into my head. If it attracts readers, awesome. If not? Meh.

Back to our upcoming movie date

We’re going to Film Forum at noon next Tuesday to see two movies by Pedro Almodóvar. First, there’s his new short starring Tilda Swinton, “The Human Voice” followed by his 1988 Oscar-winner, “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”. Fun fact: both pieces are based on the same stage play written by Jean Cocteau in 1930, “The Human Voice”. Another fun fact: we haven’t set foot in a movie theater in well over a year. No surprise there. Neither has anyone else.

We’re both fully vaccinated and the theater has blocked out most of the seats so they’re only at 35% capacity. We’ll be masked and disinfected and ready to sit in the dark and watch a real film by a filmmaker we adore.

And tomorrow, I’ll think of something else to write about. Have a fabulous day!

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