Mission of Mercy

Who’s up for bringing Flaco a BFF?

Remington Write


Flaco, the famous Eurasian Eagle-Owl in Central Park, NYC
Photo Credit — David Barrett / Flaco evading capture in Central Park, February 2023 / Wikimedia Commons

You remember this guy, Flaco, the world famous Eurasian Eagle-owl whose cage in the Central Park Zoo was vandalized in February, 2023, giving him his big break. Sure you do. It was in the news every day for weeks and was even ahead of the Covid numbers. That owl then went on and defied the experts who were sure he would starve out there in the wilds of Central Park. In fact, Flaco has adapted so well to his life in the park that he’s not even news anymore.

The ardent birders of Central Park, however, keep us updated on his whereabouts and general well-being.

Tip of the hat to Manhattan Bird Alert and his comrades in cameras out there because there are actually two to three hundred people in this country who care more about birds than whether Hunter Biden ever got his cocaine back after leaving it lying around his Dad’s place. The rest of you just go on back to your CNN, your MSNBC, and your Fox and Friends. This isn’t the kind of thing that would interest you.

Now that it’s just us here — Terry, make sure they’re all gone, wouldja? — let’s talk turkey (figure of speech, calm down).

Flaco’s doing better than anyone would have guessed, amiright?

Well, sure we figured the old guy would adapt and do just fine out there, but man, oh, man was there ever a lot of hand-wringing happening last winter. By the way, has anyone ever heard who did the deed? This city is bristling with surveillance cameras. How do we not know who cut the mesh of that cage?

I digress.

Anyway, Flaco’s got the hunting thing figured out and has nailed the whole eating every day to survive business. So, what’s the next order of business? Hmmmm? Anyone?

That’s it, Gail, you got it in one. A mate. Flaco’s a big boy out in the city now but he’s all alone. Even owls need some company, amiright? Even a huge, fugitive Eurasian Eagle-Owl could use a little slap and tickle to keep life interesting. There has to be more to existence that catching, gutting, and swallowing rats whole out in the North Meadow.

Now, according to the know-it-alls at The Audubon Society, Flaco’s potential mate may already be living just down the way from him in his new uptown…