Mini-Review of “War Made Easy”

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Here’s the conundrum of Free Speech: A film like “War Made Easy” would have been banned and the filmmaker shipped off to the Gulag in another time and place with the film going underground, gaining power and fueling opposition. But here and now Norman Solomon, Loretta Alper, and Jeremy Earp are free to make their little movie and be ignored. And this movie has been studiously ignored especially by the very media feeding on the military hysteria we’ve been drowning in at least since Viet Nam. This movie was released in 2007. Ever hear of it?

When I am King of the World this movie will be required viewing in every high school in the world. Two lessons seem to have been learned in Viet Nam: don’t actually draft young men (a dire, dead end economic environment gets the meat into the machine) and stop with the body counts on the evening news.

I stood on the Promenade in Brooklyn on September 11, 2001, looking at the pall of heavy brown smoke where the Trades had stood that morning and knew the Bush administration had hit the super lotto. I, and most of the people I know, watched in disgust and horror as every mainstream media entity including the so-called Paper of Record (I’m looking at you, New York Times) lined up like giddy cheerleaders to push the illegal invasion of Iraq.

This movie lays bare media’s complicity in the never-ending war that is destroying what ever was good and right about this country. No one ever made a profit on peace and good news doesn’t sell newspapers or get clicks.

I left this movie feeling complicit as I live a comfortable life in a country that’s been destabilizing the rest of the world for decades.

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