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Again, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite writers on Medium. These are the kinds of writers who’ll have me opening an article solely because it’s them writing it. See what you think:

Iva Ursano — As much as I like what she writes about (raw, real, personal stuff), what I really love is Iva’s tone. The woman’s got attitude and brains; an irresistible combination. I haven’t heard Iva actually speak, but I feel like what I’m reading is how she talks. This is one of my faves of her more current work:

Jason Weiland — Ferociously smart, funny and honest, Jason is also a prodigious contributor here on Medium. I love his curiosity and courage as he takes on a tremendous range of topics. From his personal takes on addiction, family, mental health and his work to incredibly helpful material about getting our best stuff out there, Jason’s articles are generous and super helpful. And he’s never afraid to tell it like it is:

Lucy King — I would love to hang out with Lucy, grab a cuppa somewhere and just talk for hours. To do so, I’d have to go to Japan. Low odds. So isn’t it a lucky thing for me that she’s a reliable writer who keeps posting such interesting stuff here on Medium? I adore her haikus but it’s her solid, smart takes on creativity that hook me every time. I’m always curious to learn more about her life and work in Japan and get so much insight from her more personal pieces. Like this one:

Ramona Grigg — I just found Ramona and am already a huge fan. Even her Medium bio is wonderfully smart and tongue in cheek: “Columnist, essayist, freelancer. Liberal, Midwesterner, silver haired. Able to write full sentences.” She strikes me as being cut from the same cloth as my beloved mentor, Anita, back in Cleveland. Ramona’s not new at this game and it shows in the thoughtfulness and intelligence of her writing. You need to read Ramona’s work.

James Finn — James writes and lives on the front lines of society’s seemingly endless determination to crush anything that diverges from “the norm”. His writing is in-depth, smart, relentless, and thoughtful. James is a prodigious writer both independently and on his blog. James Finn — The Blog provides a valued forum for our loud, proud, and diverse LGBTQ choir. And don’t even get me started on Ask Aunty Jimothy! Just read the guy.

Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh — I started reading Veronica’s work after she invited me to contribute to her publication, For Members Only, and love what I’ve found. Veronica has a unique voice and is a strong, committed presence here on Medium. Not only does she write raw, powerful commentary and poetry, she’s also providing a valuable platform for other like-voiced writers with For Members Only. I particularly love her deft, fluid way with fiction and think you will, too.

John DeVore — John’s another new discovery of mine and I’m tickled to share this guy’s work. One of the great things about John is that he is all over the place. Clearly he’s writing about things he cares about and he cares about a lot of different things which makes his work that much more interesting. And he’s not afraid to wade into hot water, tackling subjects including male intimacy, family holidays, politics, racism, abuse of power, and the vagaries of history. That would be impressive enough, but check this out:

There are more of these gems planned so let me know what you think so far!

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