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Dumb reasons I won’t clap on your story

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I know it’s childish, unreasonable, and just dumb but if you’ve already got over a thousand claps on your story, I’m not clapping.

Unless it is absolutely riveting and spine-tingling and super fantastic.

You’re not going to even notice that I clapped if your haiku already has 19.5k claps.

Conversely, if you’ve got like 243 claps on your piece (almost regardless of topic), you can count on me. I’m going to get in there and clap because dammit you deserve some validation!

Also, again very immature I realize, but if I find even one typo…..yeah, not going to clap. Sometimes I’ll draw your attention to the typo if we’ve exchanged some responses and appreciated each other’s work. But mostly the minute I see a misspelled word or a missing word and a badly mangled sentence, I’m out of there.

Again……..unless your piece has me by the throat.

Carry on. But proofread, ok?

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