Look! It’s a Real Book!

With pages and stories and everything!

Remington Write


Photo Credit / AleXander Hirka — Designed by request

Call it a vanity project or anything you’d like. I call it a book. While I have had stories published in this or that literary review over the years — always for the exposure, you know, not for pay — this is my first published book. It’s a selection of essays written just before and during the first wave of the Corona Virus pandemic (you remember that, right?).

While you can purchase the e-book version through a number of online booksellers for a buck ninety nine, I’ve also gone out on a limb and bought fifty copies of the paperback. Apparently, in today’s world writers now also have to wear a bookseller’s hat and I think it’s actually a good look on me.

When I hit this platform five years ago, I went at it like a fiend. After writing and submitting short fiction for decades with all of seven pieces actually having been published in all that time, I was ready to explode. And explode I did. For a solid three plus years I wrote, published and promoted on a daily basis. This is Story Number Eleven Hundred and Sixty Nine. But…