The bully in the White House will eviscerate him

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Love him or hate him, no one can accuse Senator Bernard Sanders of flip-flopping to gain traction in the polls or for going for the throat. His campaigns throughout his political career have always centered on the issues. Much as his supporters want him to “take off the gloves”, don’t count on that happening. And, ironically, that’s not doing former Vice President Joe Biden any favors.

Because with the full force of the Democratic establishment shoving him forward, no one seems to be paying attention to what’s waiting for Joe should he win the nomination.

The bully of all bullies will have a field day with this candidate and it will be ugly.

There were legitimate concerns back in 2016 about Hillary Clinton as the nominee including her political opportunism, her willingness to keep this country embroiled in foreign wars, and her not-well-thought-out policies. The bully didn’t care. That was too much to think about. He just went after the easily discounted nonsense about her emails and kept pounding and pounding and pounding at that. No one, least of all the candidate, believed the American public would fall for such shallow nonsense.

We were wrong.

And let’s be really clear here: Hillary Clinton was a far superior candidate than Joe Biden. She was smart, articulate, focused, and determined. Joe is not any of those things.

Senator Sanders will, in all likelihood, try to steer the conversation to policies and strategies. He’ll continue to hammer home the price this country and the world are paying for the obscene economic inequality that globalism has exacerbated. We have the threat of a growing pandemic as well as the relentless press of the climate crisis. These are the things that Senator Sanders will focus on and that are, arguably, weak points for former Vice President Biden. He doesn’t have much in the way of policies to address the very real and present dangers that are threatening working and middle-class people.

The bully won’t bother with that. That would take thinking, reading, and strategizing. He won’t need to.

All he’ll need to do is trot out forty years of video clips of Joe Biden bragging about cutting Social Security and Medicare. For good measure, he can add clips from the nightly news back in 1988 when Joe Biden was caught having “used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution” in a paper he claimed to have written as a first-year student at the Syracuse University College of Law, according to a faculty report on the incident issued at the time”.

The bully might get all ambitious and throw out Bidens’ 1973 opinion that the Supreme Court went “too far” in the Roe v. Wade decision saying that “a woman should not have the sole right to say what should happen to her body”. It doesn’t matter to the bully that this is his own party’s stance.

But he probably won’t have to work even that hard.

The sad fact is that Joe Biden seems incapable of speaking clearly for more than five minutes at a time without ramming his foot right into his own mouth. And it’s all on YouTube. All the bully will have to do is run those clips of Biden comparing “poor kids and white kids”, being an “O-Biden, Bama Democrat”, “Super Thursday”, forgetting which state he’s in, and confusing his wife with this sister over and over and over. The bully could screen them at one of his rallies and just stand there grinning.

The establishment is so freaked out by the prospect of a candidate who is directly addressing the actual issues of the people and who seeks to level the playing field that they seem to have lost their marbles.

In what universe is Joe Biden a viable candidate? If he’s the nominee it will only be because of the gaslighting that’s going on now in the media. He is not the “safe” choice or the “unifier”. That is the corporate-owned media repeating and repeating and repeating what they want to be the truth. And, tragically, we live in a television-sucking society that will very likely fall for that line of crap.

Remember election night 2016? How all the polls confidently predicted a Clinton landslide? The little needle on the New York Times website was buried deep into the blue end of the cute little graphic. And steadily throughout the night as results were tallied that needle moved to the red until we had ourselves a reality television “star” and failed real estate tycoon as our President.

Now the same people who assured us that Clinton had this election wrapped up are fervently backing an even weaker and more problematic candidate.

Will we go along with them again?

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