In Praise of the Foreskin

Nature’s perfect turtleneck

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I am not going to address the insane controversy around circumcision. How anyone can think that cutting the genitals of non-consenting children and infants of either sex is in any way a good idea absolutely staggers me. Bad idea. Stop doing it. Everyone. Everywhere. Just stop.

What I am going to do is extol the virtues of the foreskin. And they are plentiful.

Unusual for a woman growing up in the US in the latter quarter of the 20th century I’ve had several intact lovers, the first when I was in my 20’s. George may have escaped the scalpel because his father was a Greek immigrant. I have a dim recollection of being fascinated, sliding that lovely mobile sleeve of skin up and down the shaft, playing with the folds that hid and protected the silky head of his cock.

Many years and many circumcised penises later I met Martin, an Anglo-Irish man who, due to where and when he was born, got to keep his foreskin. I was delighted. Given I live in New York and Martin lived in Prague, yeah, that one was never going to go very far but it was marvelous while it lasted.

And now my current partner in life, crime, and art is intact. When the nurses came to take him for the routine circumcision that is still happening in hospitals throughout this country, AleXander’s mother was confused. They weren’t Jewish; why would she want that to be done to her infant son. No, that won’t be necessary. I sure wish I could thank Zenona myself, but she died before I met AleXander. Consider this my general thanks to the cosmos and Zenona wherever she might be within its unknowable vastness.

I always thought there was something wrong with me that I just didn’t care for penetration sex with penises. No matter how juicy I’d get, it was never enough without the contributions of a slippery intact cock. Lube helped but it’s kind of astonishing how few straight men seemed to understand the need for a little help there.

That flexible sleeve of skin glides back and forth, smoothly and without the slightest hint of friction. All that beautiful, slippery, pre-cum and vaginal juice don’t just rub off; they become part of the mechanism that keeps abrasion down for both partners. It’s a design that feels really good to me and to my partner.

See Nature only wants babies and the more we fuck, in theory, the more babies we make. And the better it feels to fuck, the more we fuck. This is all part of her mad, glorious plan for world domination and if it’s working a little too well who are we to argue?

And the joys of fellating an intact penis are also myriad. There’s only so much back and forthing one can do with that poor, tight-skinned cut cock. You can bob up and down, nibble some at the head, swirl it around a bit and then bob some more. But the foreskin offers endless exploration and ways of play. I love to slide my tongue inside the foreskin and circle the head. Because the head of the cock is protected as it’s meant to be by the foreskin, intact penises tend to have silky smooth heads, kind of like a gigantic clitoral head with a corresponding level of sensitivity.

Hand jobs are also a wonder when you can grip that gliding sleeve and pump it back and forth without needing to reach for the lube or spit (which never works that well anyway).

Cutting children’s and infants’ genitals is and always has been a form of sexual control (just check out the good Dr. Kellogg sometime and be sitting down when you do). For a concise and hair-raising run down on the why’s and how’s of the practice of circumcision you can read this:

Or you can join Alan Cummings and Intact America:

And here’s hoping that at some point in your life you, too, get the opportunity to get up close and personal with an intact penis. I think you’ll have a really wonderful time.

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