I Make it into The Old Grey Lady

(Mom would have been so unimpressed)

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Dear Diary:

Waiting to cross 14th Street early on an October morning, I saw a flash of something that had far too wide a wingspan to be a pigeon. Once a bus had gotten out of the way, I was looking at a red-tailed hawk sitting on one of the lower light poles.

He was magnificent and not so high up as to be out of the line of sight, yet no one around me was seeing him! Everyone was in a hurry, they had their iPods on or were peering into their BlackBerrys and rushing to work, school, whatever.

I couldn’t stand it and began stopping people. Each person’s first reaction was impatience, but once I had simply pointed to this great bird of prey just hanging out in Union Square, the look of wonder that came over their faces absolutely made my day.

T. Remington

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