Photo Credit — Remington Write / Empty shelves are not so uncommon anymore, are they?

How’s It Feel To Want and Not Get?

The coming shock to American Consumers

Remington Write
4 min readJan 15, 2023


Admit it. Much of this country — The United States of America we’re talking about here — is spoiled rotten. Even those of us from working-class backgrounds who know what it’s like to have the gas or the lights or the telephone cut off because we didn’t (couldn’t?) pay the bill have still grown up surrounded by excessive amounts of everything.

This is the country where the poor die of diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and obesity surrounded by a thousand varieties of fast food.

And until very recently, every store was piled high with stuff.

Even the tiniest corner store in the poorest neighborhoods bulged with Twinkies, Old English malt liquor, Fritos, and sad bananas.

Then this little microbe showed up and everything changed.

Finding empty shelves at grocery stores at the beginning of our recent global pandemic was eye-opening. But we rolled with things as best we could. We stood in long lines outside stores and bought what was available. Some of us thanked our personal gods that the authorities considered liquor stores “essential”.

However, we thought this was just a hiccup. After this thing had run its course we’d get back to normal.

Bad news, Princess, this jag of hiccups looks like it’s going to stretch into the foreseeable future. Worse, what we’re currently experiencing as hiccups could very well become full-on convulsions in the blink of an eye. We who are accustomed to finding twenty brands and forty varieties of just about anything we want to buy at any store are about to undergo a sharp recalibrating of our expectations.

Photo Credit — Remington Write / No grapes for you today

Who am I to be making these kinds of dire predictions? Do I have special insights into the guts of the economic beast we depend on for food, toiletries, and entertainment? Am I some kind of expert?

Oh, hell no. If that were the case, low odds I’d be publishing my work here (no slight intended).