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Dodging Landmines

Preserving friendships?

Remington Write
3 min readSep 30, 2022


Even as the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized how close I was to detonating something that couldn’t be un-detonated. But there they were. It should have been totally innocuous but somehow talking about Roger Waters has become yet another lightning rod.

“Oh, yeah, the one that got kicked out of Poland for his political views.”

Unless I’m missing something here, I believe Roger’s “political views” which he is loudly stating — as he has always done, bless him — remain Stop The Stupid Goddamned War NOW.

I’m learning the hard way that when I say this country (meaning the USA) needs to stop moving the world closer and closer to possible nuclear annihilation by blatantly funding a proxy war with Russia a shocking number of people I know and love seem to hear me saying that I support Putin.


The world has turned upside down.

People I’ve been in close relationships with for years, sometimes decades are now supporting war and even the frigging FBI!

I’ve learned.

I stepped back from the edge of what I know will result in a big fat ol’ disagreement. After all, when this friend and many others fume about the failed real estate developer and how I must vote blue or else he’ll destroy democracy I hear people who are so successfully propagandized that they don’t realize that the government of this country hasn’t been a democracy for a long time.

And here’s the thing with a population that’s been so thoroughly pickled in a Super-Hero Movie version of reality — we’re the Good Guys in case you were wondering — they think we can simply vote the Bad Guys out.

Once our Good Guy is in office, peace and prosperity will prevail. Climate change legislation will pass, gas prices will come down, gay and trans people will be warmly welcomed into homes, schools, and workplaces everywhere, and there will be big bowls of free candy on every store counter for the kiddos.

You’re right, Roger, this is not a drill. But you’d never know it by the way most of the people in the “West” are behaving.