Photo Credit — Remington Write / Let’s CELEBRATE!

Dems, I’m Happy For You

No really

Remington Write
3 min readNov 14, 2022


Pop that Champagne, Nancy. Chuck, you just grab that pretty little AOC for a quick whirl around the ballroom (that’s where all you happy Dems are, right, some fancy ballroom in Washington, DC?). Someone’s minding Grampa Joe, right?

Don’t let him near any hot mics. Isn’t it Barry’s turn to keep an eye on Joe?

Have your party, Dems, and sleep like innocent lambs tonight because you think you pulled it off again.

As for you giddy Blue-to-the-bone, voters…have the Champagne tonight but don’t expect your heroes to deliver. Ask the millions of Black voters in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida how they get treated by The Party of The People every election cycle. The Dems been promising them a gold-plated moon, affordable housing, and decent schools for decades now.

Get ready to see how the Dems reward their “base”.

Here we go.

How long until we hear one more word about that stingy-ass student loan forgiveness program? You know, the one where they changed the rules after the announcement to ensure several million more of us would be ineligible. That one.

COVID, anyone? That’s over for everyone except the 300+ who are still dying every day. Then there are the tens of thousands of people struggling with Long COVID. Sorry, folks. Billions of dollars that might go to help actual taxpayers in this country are being sent to Ukraine.

Oh, well, if you’re employed in heavy arms manufacturing — or invest in same — you get an extra bottle of Champagne because A) you can afford it and B) you are about to get even richer.

Hot tip for people who live within two miles of any coastline or out on those wide flat spaces that tornadoes love or pretty much anywhere on the western edge of the continent: move and move now. Pack up the kids and get the hell away from there. This country is a major contributor to the global climate catastrophe that’s rumbling to life and the Dems may virtue signal like mad but Chuck, Nancy, and the gang have no intention of doing anything that will make Wall Street cranky.

So, yeah, enjoy. Celebrate this “win” before the losing starts. Who’s losing?