Collaborating Women Part III

In 2014, I had the great good fortune to meet acclaimed watercolorist, Emily Stedman, who wanted more than simple captions for her most recent series. She wanted narrative. Collaborating Women is the result of our work together which was exhibited at Noho M55 Gallery in January, 2015.

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“Yeah, well, I’m sure he’ll text later” Watercolor by Emily Stedman

Ok, yes I overslept. But this is one guy I wish had still been here when I woke up.

Oh man, I do not want this in my head all day. (That sun sure feels wonderful) So he didn’t stay; maybe he had to work or something. No note, no nothing, though.

Right, yes, I have been the one to slide out early being careful not to wake that guy who was so irresistible six hours ago. And here I’ve been thinking all this time that I was being considerate by being so quiet.

This has to be about the seventh time I’ve checked. No text. No email. Let’s move on, shall we?

Hmmmm, hitting the cardio harder all last month really seems to be paying off. I could send him a selfie; I mean check out how the light is picking up how toned and sleek my legs and ass are.

Yeah, no, bad idea.

One last check of the phone and I am done.


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