Collaborating Women Part II

Nudes by Emily Stedman and Captions by Remington Write

In 2014, I had the great good fortune to meet acclaimed watercolorist, Emily Stedman, who wanted more than simple captions for her most recent series. She wanted narrative. Collaborating Women is the result of our work together which was exhibited at Noho M55 Gallery in January, 2015.

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Linda — Emily Stedman

Just like her mother and grandmother Linda is hidden royalty. Draping the new silky scarf over her head she knows that. With both feet planted solid and strong she is the queen in this kingdom.

She can love where fear picks at the edges.

Linda eases into each next day quietly certain that all is as it should be no matter how it looks here on the ground. Now centered again, breathing easy and free, Linda’s world is set to rights again…..for at least the next several deep exhalations.

As it will be again tomorrow.

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