Act Your Age, Dammit

Or: When should my friends give me The Baby Jane Alert?

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Still of Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”, Courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio — WikiCommons

I was 42.

Now I’m 61 and I wear half my head in a platinum blonde crew cut and the other half shoulder length. I tend to dress like a 9 year old boy most days except when I go to work. Then I dress like a respectable dyke right down to my Doc Martens.

Hear that?

That’s us not giving a you-know-what about what anyone thinks we should be wearing, not wearing, doing, not doing, being, not being. And there are more of us all the time.

But I do have an agreement in place.

My good friend, Joanne, has promised to give me The Baby Jane Alert the minute my insides shift and it’s clear I can’t get away with this kind of behavior anymore.

And you get to do the same.

Take advantage of that before your friends give you The Baby Jane Alert!

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