Photo Credits — Remington Write / Part of the coming holiday display being erected on the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue

You think you’ve seen it all? Follow me.

Let’s go for a walk. Leave the car. You can’t see anything from a car. Get out here on the street with the rest of us pedestrians…but, uh, watch where you walk. …

Won’t Read ’Em and Won’t Write ‘Em

Photo Credit — Remington Write / JJ doing an impression of my response to the latest crop of memoirs

When I am Supreme Goddess of Publishing there will be an immediate moratorium on writing memoirs. My quibble is less with the genre than the fact that most people — myself included — don’t have lives interesting enough to merit writing about them.

And, yeah, I’m looking directly at you…

Photo Credit — AleXander Hirka / Used with permission / Somewhere on West 8th Street

Tightrope walking across our new pandemic reality with a smile

After dutifully presenting proof of vaccination while making sure the masks stayed securely fixed over mouth and nose, my partner and I went totally NUTS this weekend!

Said partner, AleXander, had dug into his secret trove of Spanish doubloons to purchase two tickets to see Bob Dylan Friday night at…

Photo Credit — AleXander Hirka / Used with permission

When working from home becomes tricky

For someone born just past the middle bit of the last century, I find myself managing this 21st-century work world with a certain amount of confidence that’s mostly bravado (just between us). So after a short lull while one of the bosses was traveling I wasn’t surprised by the sudden…

Photo Credit — Donald Trung / Wikimedia Commons / Discarded used surgical masks in the Groninger city of Winschoten, Oldambt, the Netherlands

But the mask stays

Remember getting colds?

It’s been so long since I have had a cold that I’ve almost forgotten that weird sense of anticipation that would come with the first bit of scratchy throat and hot eyeballs. Wait? Your eyeballs don’t feel hot when you’re first coming down with a fever? Weirdo.

Photo Credit — Remington Write / What remains of this year’s leaves after a recent thunderstorm

The ingratitude of trees — and us — for leaves every autumn

There they are each spring without fail. On every twig on every branch in every place where deciduous trees grow. Buds that will unfurl into leaves. We take their shade for granted all summer and then grumble about having to rake them up each autumn.

Let’s take a moment to…

Photo Credits — Remington Write / Maintaining equilibrium at the corner of Houston and Varick Streets in NYC

We think we know who’s running this city. We’re wrong.

There are two curious things to see when you walk into the little corner store on West Houston Street and Varick in New York City. One is a Bitcoin ATM and the other is this serene black and white guardian of all that comes and goes in his domain. Is…

Remington Write

Writing because I can’t not write.

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